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Hi there coach,

Dojocon is  17th of November (17/11/2018)! Take a big yellow marker (or a blue one) and write it down so you won't forget. It will be awesome!

This year, we will be visiting our very active community in West-Flanders. We will travel deep into the Texas of Belgium to Kortrijk where we have found refuge in Hangar K, a cool co-working concept in an old workshop.

This year’s theme for DojoCon : CoderDojo, the next generation

No, we will not be binge-watching Star Trek (Whoopi Goldberg is a silly name anyway). Instead this year’s Dojocon will be all about our young coaches. They are the future of CoderDojo and that’s why they will be in the spotlight. So make sure to invite them as well!

Did you consider that you may have something to share that might interest your colleagues?

  • Anything you're interested in, we're probably also interested!
  • We're always interested in detailed explanations of tech (Scratch, MBot, Arduino, Micro:bit, ...)
  • We would love to hear the story of your CoderDojo! How did it start? How did it grow?
  • We would love to hear your personal story! How did you hear about us? What are your challenges? What keeps you going?
  • Perhaps you want to rally coaches to do something wild... DojoCon is the perfect time&place to find like-minded coaches, and concoct wild plans! Organize a robot challenge? Assemble an inter-dojo team to win the RoboCup? Organize an inter-dojo Scratch day? Organize the next DojoCon? See who's interested!
  • Perhaps you feel strongly about a subject (Gender equality? Inclusion? Open Source?) and you would love to hear the community's thoughts in an open debate?
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DojoCon is made by you and made for you!